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Mathematics of Entanglement

Image by award winning artist Jared Hodges

Image by award winning artist Jared Hodges

‟There are numbers hidden in every act of life, in every aspect of the universe fractals, matter

These numbers streaming to tell us something, Numbers are doors to understanding the mystery that’s bigger than us. How two people, strangers come to meet? There’s a poem by Venezuelan writer –

‘The earth turned to bring us closer

It turned on itself and in us

Until it finally brought us together in this dream’

“There are so many things that have to happen for two people to meet” ”

This is an excerpt from a dialogue between Sean Penn and Naomi Watts from one of my favorite movies; 21 Grams, written by Guillermo Arriaga; a Mexican author and screenwriter and is currently very pertinent in my life.

There is a very good possibility, according to fractal theory for people entanglement to be real. Since science can prove that particles can be entangled, that alone by itself is a proof that on a higher plane people can also experience some sort of quantum entanglement process. Quantum entangled particles separated end up in different people in different places and when they meet they feel immediate familiarity with each other. But before we try to understand people entanglement, let’s first analyze what mathematics of entanglement really is since we’re talking numbers.

One might think natures’ wonders can only be described by poetry, music, painting or photography but with mathematics? How can you describe a tree or cloud, a rippled pond or swirling galaxy using numbers and equations? Is it possible? Well, some say mathematics is language of nature and that many mathematical principles are based on ideals, and apply to an abstract, perfect world – Abstract to Concrete. The perfect world of mathematics is reflected in the imperfect physical world. Stanford mathematician Keith Devlin says, “Just as music is auditory patterns that the human mind finds pleasant, mathematics captures patterns that the universe finds pleasant, patterns that are implicit in the way universe works.” So, how this mathematics hidden in naturally occurring fractals got entangled with nature in the first place? What laws does it observe? Or is it the nature which observes its laws?

Entanglement is a term used in quantum theory to describe the way that particles of energy/matter can become correlated to predictably interact with each other regardless of how far apart they are. Entanglement is a real phenomenon (Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”) which has been demonstrated repeatedly through experimentation. Particles such as photons, electrons and qubits that have interacted with each other retain a type of connection and can be entangled with each other in pairs in the process called correlation.  In the quantum mechanical framework, it is the position, spin, momentum, and polarization of particles, which direction is up or down – allows one to know the spin of its mate is in opposite direction. Quantum entanglement allows these particles that are separated by incredible distance to interact with each other immediately, in a communication that is not limited by the speed of light. No matter how great the distance between the correlated particles they will remain entangled as long as they are isolated.

Like these couple of lines from a song by pink Floyd “Million strangers passing the street and by chance two separate glances meet. How many see themselves in you and take your hand and lead you through?” What are the odds that a stranger pops out of the other side of the world into your life out of several billion others? What goes into it? Well, in today’s world of electronic age it can seem it’s just a click away but there is whole mathematics of entanglement that goes behind making that very choice to click and that calls for an action at a distance and I am a fortunate victim of such an action.

The outcome of person’s life is the result of accumulated choices and actions, small or large, taken by a person; but what determines the choices that we make? Is it our samskaras – impressions from the past lives or can one overcome such conditioning and make conscious choices with pure understanding of knowing? This is when perhaps we use words like destiny. Do we simply unfold it or create it along the way or both?

My simple curiosity of the fact that a woman from across the world is going to meet me to discuss singularity, entanglement, quantum teleportation and concepts like observation creates reality and hemispheric synchronization was totally transformed into something completely indefinable after meeting her in person.

What is gained, what is lost into making such a simple thing happen? Yet with all that lies behind, this interaction triggers open a new dimension that resides latent in my heart for eons, a flower starts to blossom, an idea implants its first foundation as manifestation begins. The meeting conspires such an energetic geometric progression that germinates the seed of passion throughout our being. A transformation erupts in both the hearts and even an order of authority felt like an act of love, ensuring that there is someone who partly owns your choices and demands that ownership. So stupor is the feeling that your personal boundary does not only become blurred but totally disappears as the other is simply an extension of your own being. This is sometimes also called ‘momentary lapse of reason’, I guess that’s what pretty much love is all about.

It is proven that the imperceptible state of each entangled particle if precisely defined can blow our mind. How these quantum events through mathematics of entanglement bring to life the events in physical realm giving rise to human experience?  As much as these quantum events seem to govern our experiences; it is also our observation which creates our reality. The wave function of the innermost desire comes in contact with its most resonant counterpart and the rest falls in place. With my surrender to the moment a part of my old self got dissolved. With each kiss, a camphor of fire burns in my gut which ignites the will. With deeper stare into each others’ eyes, the higher ourselves rise. As if there is an instantaneous connection with our minds wired in such unison that we move so intuitively as if clearly knowing the next move. Moving in such a rhythmic flow, she suddenly stops and asks me with astonishment written all over her face “where the hell have you been?” With a kind of pause where it is so still as if time stopped, such an empty moment that it was unbelievably full and we’re so close that we can barely see each other with I inhaling her breath and she mine and spontaneously breaking the silence I replied, “what took you so long?”

All the forces which determine the choices we make to create our life already exist long ago we were born and will remain long enough after we’re gone, yet we irrefutably try to decode their nature and often eventually stare into a paradox, no matter which pursuit we take. “Everything is connected yet nothing touches anything”

With our power of observation we can collapse quantum particles from waves of probability into a desired physical event called an experience in our life. How life in its most intricate nature is intertwined and can instantly connect with any particle or wave function across the universe and this correlation occurs instantaneously even when the separation distance is large.

All the while I could keep an impression that it was her who found me but the truth is that it was I who was looking for her.

In mathematics of entanglement it is you who write the codes.

Taj Mahal – A Poem in Stone

Photo-quote copy

People come and people go

Seasons come and seasons go

Kings come and kingdoms go


Where is he?


The very words to describe my presence

Destroy the character of my undertone

The most obvious is often unexpressed


Where is she?


My dome bears the spirit of love

The windows transmit the fervor of togetherness  

The intricate art reflects the profundity of perpetuity


Here I am 

SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN – The Greatest Mathematical Genius of the Twentieth Century

I recently discovered that 2012 has been declared as the National Mathematics year by the government, respecting the contributions made by the mathematics wizard S Ramanujan. A rare feat by Indian government but too late none the less but Ramanujan still is no more than a lost hero of Indian history at least for many Indians who are busy rewarding their bollywood stars and phony leaders with the slogan India shining with most of its luster muffled up in the shadow of its grand history.

This is one of the reasons for me to write this post but not the only one. I have been intrigued by his personality from a long time and also had an idea about a film based on his life but I just found that recently Pressman Film Corp acquired rights of biography The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of a Genius Ramanujan by Robert Kanigel to be directed by Matthew Brown. (Looks like I will have to delete the idea from my biopic films folder). Anyways, I will share more about my film ideas later in another post but I’m glad that a film is being made on the life of this genius who grew up in poverty and isolation in madras with a career like a supernova briefly lighting up the heavens with his mathematical brilliance.

Srinivasa Ramanujan one of India’s great mathematical genius made contributions to the analytical theory of number and worked on elliptic functions, continued fractions and infinite series was born on 22nd December 1887 in Erode Tamil Nadu and died at a young age of 33 of tuberculosis on 26th April 1920 in Kumbakonam. The story of Ramanujan is a story of human triumph and an example of what genius can accomplish against the odds says Robert Kanigel, Ramanujan’s biographer.

In one of my favorite movie “Goodwill Hunting” the professors at MIT are shocked to find that the street tough played by Matt Damon is actually a mathematical genius who can simply write down the answers to seemingly intractable mathematical problems and realizing this street kid has learned advanced mathematics on his own, one of them blurts out that he is the next Ramanujan. In fact goodwill hunting is loosely based on the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Despite his miserable financial situation and ill health, he managed to secure a scholarship in madras university and later in Cambridge university where after his graduation was elected a fellow of the Cambridge philosophical society. He has been proposed by impressive list of mathematicians namely Hardy, Macmohan, Grace, Larmor, Bromwich, Hobson, Baker, Littlewood, Nocholson, Young, Whitaker, Forsyth, and Whitehead

Mathematicians are still trying to decipher the lost notebooks of Ramanujan found after his death. Looking back at Ramanujan’s work, we see that it can be generalized to eight dimensions, which is directly applicable to String Theory. Physicists add two more dimensions in order to construct a physical theory. When we add two more dimensions to Ramanujan’s functions, the magic numbers of mathematics become 10 and 26 precisely the magic numbers of String Theory. So, in some sense, Ramanujan was doing String Theory before World War I.

I’m quite excited about this upcoming film based on his life from Madras to Cambridge. If not through the book but at-least with film’s popularity many Indians and people around the world will get acquainted with the rags to the intellectual riches story of genius incarnate.

Without You

Without you I’m Nothing but with you I Am

Without you I’m Potential but with you I Manifest

Without you I Be but with you I Become

Without you I’m Inert but with you I Express


Without you I’m Zero but with you I’m Countless

Without you I’m Lost but with you I’m Found

Without you I’m Fantasy but with you I’m Real

Without you I’m Silence but with you I’m Sound


Without you I’m Shadow but with you I Glow

Without you I’m Vague but with you I’m Sure

Without you I Implode but with you I Bloom

Without you I’m Empty but with you I’m Whole




I am for You are


When Life Knocks You Down

When life chooses to knock you down, there is hidden subtle element of infinite love behind it ~

All these years that I call my awakening, were the years when I was falling down with the speed of light, with no grip at all, as if just involuntarily stumbling down into the darkest areas of my sub-conscious mind. Falling brings with it a kind of openness as an abyss of infinite possibilities stare at you, as you fall without any grip into nothingness. Fact is “the deeper you go, the higher you reach. Even while falling, the whole universe is available to you. Such is the love of life, like the sun never said to earth “you owe me” and it is this kind of love that lights up the entire sky. With no localization while falling, the infinite possibilities instead of materializing take the shape of thousands of voices in your head. Being conscious is the trick. As much as people and society warn you of negative thoughts and emotions, the very transformation lies beyond the threshold of pain. Remember, “There is no melody without minor notes”. Being conscious while experiencing each emotion whether positive or negative provides holistic understanding of reality as all other ways of knowing is mere speculations and beliefs. Experience is the only way to know something absolutely. Once you understand that life is measured through the richness of experience and not acquisition of material wealth, you realize how intricately everything is connected to each other which reveal the interdependence and entanglement of creation uncovering any illusion of separation experienced by us due to our limitation of three dimensions and five senses. If the world is nothing but an objective manifestation of the same vibration, then why would infinity bind itself into finitude? For the ecstasy of infinity can only be experienced within the bounds of finitude. If these doors of perception are cleansed, then life simply becomes a melody, a gift to be celebrated. “We might be born with self ignorance but the seed of awakening lies within us

What comes out of you when you’re squeezed is what you’re made of ~ 

Masha’ Allah

I hear the sound

As you gaze at me

Of the trillion galaxies

Flying inside your eyes

Singing melodies

Of your sacred sojourns


I rejoice the alchemy in surrender

My whole being dances

In awe of your splendid cosmos

As you sit beside

The purple haze the violet vibes

Dazzling through the stroke of our rainbows


O shakti kripalini kusumit dakini

My walking shrine of eternal

At whom feet delight

Angels of heaven

I sing you the sutras

The ric of Vedas 

18th April 2010

Purusha Prakriti

I see singularity of the cosmos in your eyes

Channeled by Shakti ‘primordial cosmic energy’

For you to become all that you can be

For once and forever

Your will is free…

O Purusha spread your wings again

Like you always have and forever will

Your feelings determine the path of flight

Embrace the voyage with an open heart

As you always knew who you are…

A majestic expression of your true inner being

Purusha does because Prakriti lets him …

18th Aug 2010

06:27 am

Music of Life

The composer moves to the next note of melody

A sudden shift in the song of life

What we often call destiny

And tread the road we try to avoid


Limited by our conditioned behavior

We defend against the forces of change

Our lives become but a struggle

Chasing the chimera of Promised Land


Whilst we continue to swim in negative emotions

Totally oblivious of the star-gate within 

For one is singing one is dancing

Out of pure bliss of being


Our experiences are but variations

Of harmonious scales of the cosmic symphony

Drop the logic and song will be heard

Dance to the music called life 

Nov 7th 2007 – 1:40 am

In Lak’ esh

I Am Your Dream

I Am Your Thoughts

I Am Your Feelings and Experience


I Am At the Core of Your Inside

And All That Is Outside


I Am Your Past, Present and Your Future


I Am All That You Are

And All That You Are Not


I See You

I See You Through

I See Through You


I Am another You


In Lak’ Esh

Black Light

I have resided in many hearts

For I have no regrets

Some forever treasured my presence

While others burned with the darkness of it

To me, your heart

Has been my home

On this everlasting trip called life

With utmost humility, I shall say

It is my home

Which matter most to me

Surpassing even my own distinction

I thank you for carrying the credence of my nothingness

Look within and I shall shine as light

Dec 26th 2008


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